The Slaver Arena of Aerosmith

The End of The line
The Start of Glory

You begin your journey in binds of what feels like enchanted frost iron. You hear the unfathomable stomping, cheering, and yelling from all around. You stumble as the guards lead you and your brothers in bindings through the threshold of a massive gate. The guards all hand keys with numbers to one other man’s shackles. They leave you all in the new surroundings. The gates shut with a loud bang. The sun is bright and you wonder if it’s freedom they have given you. A slip of paper falls from the massive gate / wall. It’s a flyer to the Aerosmith arena. You realize the forest ahead is not freedom, but instead your new cage. There is a massive unscaleable wall cutting as far to the left and right as you can see. You look down at the number of your key. It does not match the number of your shackles. You then look to the others you were brought in with.

This is where you ask qusetions to the GM or other players.

Any questions asked here are not “heard” or “known of” in game. This section is just to clear up misconceptions or whatever.


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